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A few may marry a first love, but many of us need a few more years to ready for such a leap of faith. In these times, I feel particular compassion for everyone who is still searching.

Much has been written about parenting, working at home, even about being a frontline responder in this pandemic, but what about being single right now? Living through quarantine alone? Is a new romance worth risking infection? So we return to online dating with its myriad of proposed matches, the tiring dance of writing, responding to notes or winks, or ignoring or being ignored… have I been ghosted?

A friend told me about going on a zoom speed dating event, being paired for two minutes with each possible partner in a breakout virtual “room”. I can only imagine the awkwardness. Yet perhaps we should be more hopeful.

Some research has suggested that being in a state of fear or anxiety may actually contribute to our attraction towards others, an urge doubtlessly rooted in survival’s long dance. So maybe now, yes this very moment, may be a time of opportunity. I encourage you to stay open to the possibilities, connect with old friends, or even try an online site. Love may indeed conquer all.


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