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This epidemic has upended our lives and expectations. We’re all struggling to rewrite the narrative when we cannot be certain of the outcome, knowing that loss and suffering will be inevitable.  Some endings will not be happy ones.  Where do we find meaning and hope? We may have faith in our God, our family, community, the kindness of strangers, and yet, and yet, I think of a phrase I once heard, about times of darkness shot through with light, and it seems an apt metaphor at this moment.

The darkness we see clearly. A war against an invisible enemy has transformed the face of our daily lives from work and school to how we socialize, shop, entertain, indeed live. And yes, villains arise in times of war and stress, making profit from people’s fears.  Yet brighter than the darkness, I believe, is the light we see in heroes known and unknown. We see courage from our political leaders to business figures who provide direction, funding and donations to those medical servants caring directly for the sick.  Yet we can all be an unseen hero, to choose courage over fear.  If not now, then when?

We may need to distance ourselves physically to prevent viral spread, but emotionally, it is a time for connections with all of the infinite tools technology has provided.  We each have someone to love, call or write, someone who needs a meal, a conversation, a donation, a song, a moment of laughter- especially now.

Edith Wharton wrote “there are only two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.”  Whether the candle or the mirror, may you be the light today to those in your world.







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