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I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a sister.

A gypsy in my youth, I have traveled and worked on six continents primarily in the field of mental health, first as a social worker and now as a psychiatrist.  I’ve been called a “bent arrow” as my career has been anything but linear and yet, thankfully, life experiences always have utility in mental health.  I also came late to marriage and children, closer to 40 than 30 when I finally tied the knot.  Delaying family life has helped me cultivate real gratitude for my husband and children. When you defer your personal life for your career, there is so much catching up to do; getting married, having children, pets, and most importantly, finding a community to call home.

There is a notion about the later part of a woman’s life being the “second spring.” Not about family but other work we are meant to bring into the world.  So, I wanted to start this blog during the COVID-19 pandemic when my world, like so many others, has been utterly transformed.  I find myself working from home as a psychiatrist, juggling home school for the children and finding new concerns about the vulnerable among my family, friends, patients, and community.  Perhaps we can find our way together, holding tightly to one another and our faith in what is unseen. Hoping there are brighter days to come.





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